Leftover Prime Ribeye Breakfast

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Prime steak and eggs for breakfast! Melt in your mouth, pure beef flavor with a nice crispy blackened edge. The perfect reminder to save a little for the morning!


Asian Style Hasty-Bake Baby Back BBQ Ribs

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They were crazy good! Recipe coming soon on the new Hasty-Bake recipe section.


Review: The Sans Soucie Art Glass Door Designer

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Glass Door with Cubes Floating 3DWhen I first ordered from Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I have never ordered a custom door before. I had a concept of what I wanted in a front-door for my home, but I wasn’t quite sure how to make that a reality. It all started with the easy stuff, like determining dimensions and such, but when it came to the hard part Sans Soucie’s design staff was really there for me. I felt like it was a collaboration between myself and the designer. I had a vision, but no expertise, and the designer brought the skill and expertise to turn what was in my imagination into a reality. They also opened my mind to different design possibilities that I hadn’t even considered. They took my basic idea and combined it with designs that were already in their portfolio to customize a door that was so much more than I had dreamed of.

Not only that, but they treated my little household project with just as much respect as they would a job for a big chain restaurant. The designer took everything into consideration, looking at everything from my exterior architecture to my interior décor in order to design a door that would accentuate my home. Once I saw the design on paper, I knew that I had to have it as part of my home. The best part though, was that the entire process took just one day and we were ready to go on the project.

I didn’t have to think twice once I decided to place my order. I got the scale drawing within a week of putting down my deposit and found myself excitedly waiting. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the beautiful, unique door that they created for me and it is a wonderful addition to my home.

glass door designer

Here is the gallery where I found my inspiration Sans Soucie Framed Glass Door Gallery.

You can also design your own glass door here.


Manhattan Beach Winter Sunset Glory

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Beach sunsets never get old, especially winter sunsets like this one on 70 degree days. While the rest of the country was freezing this is what I did to bring in the new year.





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Thai Smile Palm Springs

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Thai Smile lunch in a Palm Springs must for any Thai loving tourist. The restaurant is a childhood favorite. They have since expanded into a second local in the desert. The Palm Canyon Thai Smile is moving its downtown local somewhere else downtown Palm Springs. I’m sure the move would not be for awhile.


Pictured is the lunch Pad Thai. Great stubble sweet flavor with no heat. The rice noddles were cooked perfect. This dish is a very light Pad Thai. Next time I’m going to ask them to add a lot of heat and cilantro. Or just ask for pad Thai how they like it…. Sometimes that works.

100 South Indian Canyon Dr,
Palm Springs, CA 92262.


Hasty-Bake BBQ Ribs – Palm Springs

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Another mouth watering Palm Springs smoke-out on the Hasty-Bake. This time, spicy, sticky baby back ribs.


Started by loading the ribs with simple BBQ rub and soaking wood chips.


Got the fire going to 250 degrees.


Put the ribs on, added wood chips and we be smoking! The hard part is leaving them alone for the first hour.


2.5 hours later and a lot of TLC! BAM!

More at Hasty-Bake


Palm Springs Desert Oasis

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Being home in the desert always inspires me to post on here. It has always been my goal to live life somewhat like I’m on a vacation… I can tell I’ve lost that. Here is to bring it back!





In-n-out Texas… The burger that almost killed me

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I learned yesterday in Dallas to never use Google Maps or Apple to rely on finding in-n-out burger locations. I almost killed myself in traffic for this burger… Lucky me the In-n-out burger iPhone app did not misguide me!


The perfect burger for just $5


Ghost Town Live in Dallas

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Amazing show! This band is going places!

– 4th show!


Downtown Palm Springs

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Hometown downtown, I can never get enough. I need to up my visits from twice a year to 4 times. I truly miss Palm Springs. More important I have missed my family to much and too often.