Review: The Sans Soucie Art Glass Door Designer

Glass Door with Cubes Floating 3DWhen I first ordered from Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I have never ordered a custom door before. I had a concept of what I wanted in a front-door for my home, but I wasn’t quite sure how to make that a reality. It all started with the easy stuff, like determining dimensions and such, but when it came to the hard part Sans Soucie’s design staff was really there for me. I felt like it was a collaboration between myself and the designer. I had a vision, but no expertise, and the designer brought the skill and expertise to turn what was in my imagination into a reality. They also opened my mind to different design possibilities that I hadn’t even considered. They took my basic idea and combined it with designs that were already in their portfolio to customize a door that was so much more than I had dreamed of.

Not only that, but they treated my little household project with just as much respect as they would a job for a big chain restaurant. The designer took everything into consideration, looking at everything from my exterior architecture to my interior décor in order to design a door that would accentuate my home. Once I saw the design on paper, I knew that I had to have it as part of my home. The best part though, was that the entire process took just one day and we were ready to go on the project.

I didn’t have to think twice once I decided to place my order. I got the scale drawing within a week of putting down my deposit and found myself excitedly waiting. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the beautiful, unique door that they created for me and it is a wonderful addition to my home.

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Here is the gallery where I found my inspiration Sans Soucie Framed Glass Door Gallery.

You can also design your own glass door here.

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